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Roof Replacement Cost in 2017

How much a roof costs in Frederick, MD is a common question but no easy answer can be given, as there are more than a few variables that must be considered. Below are listed those variables that can make the biggest impact on cost:

  1. What kind of material and how many layers are being torn off? Slate and cedar shakes cost more to remove. Two layers of shingles costs more than one.
  2. How high is the roof? Three stories can sometimes cost more than two. Roofers insurance goes up if they work above two stories.
  3. How steep is the roof? It takes longer to stage and longer to complete steep sloped roofs than shallow ones.
  4. Is there easy access or will the roof need to be hand stocked? It costs more to manually put the shingles on the roof than it does to have the shingle supplier put them on the roof with the crane.
  5. What size is the job? Very small jobs cost more per unit because they do not take advantage of a full day. Companies that keep costs low on small jobs do so by paying their crew for a partial day. This back fires because it damages the relationships between owner and crew, and this ends up impacting quality. No one wants to work for a cheapskate.
  6. Will your roofer use quality materials throughout the roof or just improve the quality of the shingle? Many roofers are still using pipe collars that last 8-12 years when there is an alternative that boasts a 75 year life expectancy.
  7. Will the online reputation actually translate to your job or not? Unless the owner comes to work, there is no guarantee that what you see online will be what you experience on roof day. The only person not subject to being rotated out of the company is the owner. Crews can change. A company builds a reputation with one crew, and then moves on to another, or loses a great crew chief, and now you get “B” crew ( think “B” movie). Companies that intentionally keep themselves small so as to prevent a loss of quality on the job charge more. Having the owner commit themselves to you means not selling work while your project is being completed. Do you want a good roof or not is the question you have to answer, and do you want to know in advance that such will be the end result? If so, than don’t buy your roof at Walmart (big company that prices low by selling a million jobs but then disconnects from you once the signature is acquired and or a problem develops in your new roof). This point is in part contingent on the next point.
  8. Is the owner an actual roofer or just the owner of a roofing company? Point 7 above wont get you far if the owner has no real on the roof experience. You don’t need someone hanging around that doesn’t have a clue as to how to install a roof anyway.
  9. Plywood can be dealt with in one of two ways. It can be replaced as needed due to damage, or the entire deck can be replaced. Plywood adds an additional cost over and above the square foot price. On a per sheet basis, expect to pay a minimum of $50 per sheet, material included. Entire roof decks are typically replaced at around $150 per square which is 100 square feet, or just over 3 sheets of 4x8 plywood. Townhouses and other dwellings connected to each other require fire retardant wood to be put in specific locations. This plywood is typically replaced at around $75 per sheet, as it is more expensive and less available.

Summary: There is no one cost for a roof. All you have to do to prove this is look at the other articles on the net that claim to give you a square foot price, without knowing answers to any of the above. If you are tearing off shingles, and putting shingles back on a single family house in or around Frederick, MD, with moderate pitch and easy access, figure on $4-5 a square foot, materials included. If it is less than that, you probably went to Walmart.

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