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When preparing to get a new roof, you will get subjected to some degree to the jargon associated with roofing. It is worth getting acquainted with some of these terms. The “pitch” of the roof is just one example. Please read, Understanding Roof Pitch, to get a better idea of this important term.

Many areas can be called a “square” in roofing, and as I explain in this article, roofers are not bad shape identifiers. To understand what is meant by the term “square” in the roofing industry, please read our article, “All Of These Shapes Are A Square“.

Perhaps you have skylights. There are a number of good quality skylights out there, and some not so good. If you would like to watch a short video detailing the installation of a custom curb mounted skylight install, as a replacement for a poor excuse for a skylight, please check out our skylights page.

Can roofing be done in winter? It can, but should it? There are a number of variables to consider. Some may apply to your situation. Some likely will not. To get a better sense of whether you should or could consider a winter time roofing project, please read our article, Can Roofing Be Done In The Winter.


Should it be that you are mildly anxious at the prospects of interviewing roofers for your upcoming roofing project, or if you just want to be better armed with useful questions and a checklist of sorts, then please read, Roof Replacement: Questions to Consider.


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