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Roofing Companies that do not do repairs: Man with puzzled look on his face

Roofing companies not doing repairs. Really?

So you have reached out to some roofing companies for help with repairs and they told you they don’t do repairs, they only do full roof replacements. My recommendation. Scratch them off your list for any and all roofing work you may need done. Here’s why:

    • They are not meeting your current needs


    • These roofing companies don’t do repairs because they don’t know how to fix the roof


    If they can’t fix the roof, why believe they can do it right when it comes to full replacement?

Follow me on this one. If they can fix the roof, then their not doing so is not helping you as a customer. If they can’t fix the roof, then why would you want them replacing your roof? What if something comes up after installation? They won’t be able to fix their own work.

This article is short because it does not have to be long. Roofing companies who don’t fix roofs are not roofing companies at all, and can’t be trusted to do good work of any kind. This should be obvious, but I have found it not to be the case. One roofing company that I know of in our area routinely turns away repair work saying they don’t do it. They shouldn’t be roofing at all.

You might even consider vetting your potential roofers for replacement by calling and then asking them for repair. If they say they don’t do it, you have dodged a bullet, and saved your precious time.

If you are looking for a roofing company that will do both roof repairs and roof replacements, please fill out our form or call 301-788-3061.


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