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Roofing Contractors- Essential Considerations

If you are like the average homeowner, there are three things you might want to consider just before you start reaching out to roofing contractors. They are as follows:

1. Roofing contractors are not licensed in their trade. Yes, this is correct. Roofing contractors are at best licensed home improvement contractors. What this means is that they have a general license common to all home improvement contractors. Fence builders, painters, carpenters, flooring installers, etc., all have the same license. The significance is that there is no roof specific training to be a roofer. The test that roofers take is common to all contractors and emphasizes home improvement law, not trade specific knowledge. Your chosen roofer knows what they know because they were told by a previous roofer who knew or did not know what he was doing.

2. Roofing contractors are not required to pull permits to do their work. The exception to this is historical society permits for those located in that area and general building permits required within Frederick city limits if plywood gets replaced during the completion of the project.

3. The second observation above leads to the third, which is that no inspection is performed by any third party knowledgeable individual after a roof is completed. Inspections are performed only on roofs that fall into one of the two exception categories listed above, and these inspections do not take into account the finer details, but focus on correct materials used, color, fire retardant plywood in some instances, etc.

What does all of the above mean? Quite simply, it means that it is entirely possible to hire a licensed roofing company who provides you with a crew wherein there is no truly knowledgeable roofer onsite. This ought to give the homeowner pause, as they consider what might protect them from hiring the wrong roofing contractor to complete their roofing project.

Roofing Contractors bare minimums

I would suggest the following as bare minimum requirements:

Meet with your potential roofing contractors, and be prepared to listen intently, searching in their conversation for both product knowledge, but more importantly, installation knowledge. Ask them questions like, “Why is this material used and what specific installation techniques are used to ensure manufacturers will stand behind the installation?” Ask the individual who comes to give you the estimate if they are a roofer or just a salesman. Will they be present? What experience do they have in finding and fixing leaks? Finding and correctly fixing leaks is the hardest part of roofing.

In summary, do not assume that because someone owns a roofing company that they know what they are doing by default. The simple fact is that this is no assurance at all. And do not assume that the “A” crew that helped get the contractors online reputation established is who will be roofing your house, or fixing your leaking roof. Whereas it is true that if you have to watch over your crew, you really ought to fire them, it is also true that the owner is whose reputation is on the line, and not the crews. Getting an owner who is also a roofer to involve themselves in your project is the best way to avoid the pitfalls so many have fallen into when engaging a roofing contractor.

Please consider giving us a call to handle your roofing project. Large or small, we will devote ourselves to getting your job done right the first time.

Thanks for reading.

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