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Roofing in Urbana MD

I have been roofing in and around the Villages of Urbana for many years now. There are some notable problems with the roofing in this community. Not terrible, but notable. If I had to list problems with the roofing done in this area, the common problems would be as follows:

1. The aluminum ridgevent was installed all the way to the edge of the roof in most cases and often gets ripped off by high winds. I once wrote a request to the Villages of Urbana concerning this roofing problem and they modified the installation rules concerning ridge vent to “reflect best practices”, allowing roofers to modify what had been an installation rule as they see fit. This speaks well of the HOA as most don’t respond as quickly and as well to outside information.

2. Strangely, some homes in the Villages of Urbana have quality architectural shingles with cheap ridgevent while others have cheap 3 tab shingles with quality capover ridgevent.

3. Fascia boards are often nailed on the rakes slightly too high and give the ridge a slight rise near the end.

4. Contractors working for the builders in this area were often guilty of putting holes in the shingles near the edge. Sometimes it was roofers using kicker boards, and sometimes it was siding guys with their pump jacks. In any case, many times this was not corrected and has lead to leaking.

5. Not so much a roofing problem, but one I have been called for, is the drain from some attic air conditioning units was drained into the back of galvanized soffit, and has stained the back of the house with rust. The builder who did this was not thinking clearly.

On the flip side, many things were done well and the Villages is certainly laid out nicely and conveniently located, not too far out or too close in to D.C.

Should it be that you are having problems with your roofing, don’t hesitate to call us at 301-788-3061. We would be glad to help you.

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