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Locating The Best Roofing Contractor

Things to look for:

  • The best roofing contractor will actually be a knowledgable roofer. By this I mean to point out that many roofing contractors are not roofers. Than what are they? Individuals that own roofing companies.
  • The best roofing contractor will take the time necessary to explain your roofing issues clearly. If after talking to a contractor, you still don’t really understand your roofing needs, than it is safe to say that they do not either.
  • The best roofing contractor will be at least mildly opinionated. If someone is going to work for me, I would like them to show some passion about what they do. It may seam that a contractor who only wants to know what you think is really being helpful, but in fact they are not doing their job. Of course I do want to know the customers concerns and get their input, but if I am the one who understands roofing, I ought to express that understanding to the homeowner.
  • The best roofing contractor will provide options if there are any, but not too many. Burying potential customers in options is overwhelming and not really helpful. The contractor should be able to taylor options to a. the homeowner based upon their input, and b. the constraints of the project. Here is a good example of an option that really is not an option. Offering the customer a shingle choice that their HOA would never accept. Most contractors know about HOA requirements and should limit options they provide to potential customers to fall within those established boundaries.
  • The best roofing contractor will put you first when it comes to completing your project. Some contractors operate according to a “more work is better” mentality rather than a “consistent quality of workmanship is better” mentality. The former leads to inattention during the completion of your project. This inattention can be seen in slow response times when it comes to returning emails and phone calls. It can be seen in your never seeing the one you thought you hired again after signing their contract. One job at a time until it is done is as much attention as you can hope for. The best contractors don’t spread themselves too thin for the sake of acquiring excess work.

More could be said but the above is a good start and should help you consider what you feel is most important to you when it comes to roofing contractors. Take the time to write down what you care about, and express that to your contractor up front. Pay attention to their responses, and if contrary, consider if it is because the contractor knows something you do not, or because they just don’t care what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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