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There are a number of things we do not do, and a reason why we don’t. The list differs slightly if we are talking about roof repairs, or we are talking about roof replacements. The reason for this is because there are more labor resources during a roof replacement, and because more customers can be helped with their repair needs if we concentrate our focus on what we are most setup to do, namely shingle roof repairs.

During roof replacements, it is necessary to sometimes replace decking, and is simply part of the job. We also remove and install gutters. We only do shingle roofing. If you have a shingle roof, or want to replace a different type of roof with an asphalt shingle roof, give us a call. We do not install metal roofing, slate roofing, cedar shake roofing, etc. We used to do all of this work, but have found that trying to be all things to all people leads to a decrease in efficiency when it comes to what our original focus was, namely asphalt shingle roofing repair and installation.

Focusing our attention for a moment on repairs, what we do is anything to do with the asphalt shingle roof surface, immediate substructure, i.e., plywood decking, and elements of said roof, skylights, suntunnels, pipe details, brick flashing, etc. We also fix leaks associated with improperly installed vinyl siding when it leaks into the house. We do this because the associated leak is often misdiagnosed by the homeowner as a roofing problem, and this type of repair is not a distraction of focus as far as we are concerned. The same tools, and the addition of two materials, namely Tyvek wrap and a high quality tape, make this type of repair well within our scope of practice.

We do not repair roofing that is not asphalt shingle based, replace fascia metal, remove animals from attics, replace damaged fascia boards, paint roofs or anything else, work inside of attics, fix broken or missing siding, or anything else that is not the roof. There are other companies who specialize in these details, and are better and more equipped to do so. Homeowners should do their best to hire people within their trade. For instance, fascia metal is installed during the original building of the home by the siding mechanics, not the roofers. Calling roofers to replace fascia metal might get the job done, but less efficiently, and in all probability, for more money. Each trade has a market value for their time in the field. Hiring the wrong contractor can mean paying more for the same work. Removal of animals from attics is most definitely not a roofers job. Pest control experts are who you should call for such work.

We live in a world where increasing opportunity leads to greater and greater specialization. Concentration of focus consistently increases quality of that which is being produced. I have heard of roofers trapping live animals in attics, and have had to remove a catbox screwed to a roof by a handyman in an attempt to stop a leaking 730 box vent. As it turned out, the catbox was a poor substitute for actual roofing materials.

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