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What To Expect From Frederick Roof Repair

Frederick Roof Repair is a full service roofing business dedicated to providing customers with quality roof repairs and roof replacements. Whatever your roofing need, contacting us is a sure way to become well informed about what your roof requires and thoroughly pleased with a level of personalized service rarely found in the roofing industry. Call 301-788-3061 for the quickest response to your roofing needs.

Roof Replacement Articles

If you have the time and are looking for a complete roof replacement, please go to the roof replacement tab above. We hope our articles will help you to make an informed choice about who to choose for your roof repair or roof replacement project.

Need Emergency Service?

If you are simply in need of a repair, please call 301-788-3061 or go to our contacts page tab above and fill out our contact form. 

Weather and its effects on Roofing

If you are concerned about the weather and the impact it may or may not have on your roofing project, please read,”Can Roofing Be Done in the Winter?” for a thorough examination of this important question. 


If you are in need of skylight repair or replacement, please take the time to view our skylights page which will show you an example of skylights being repaired. We also do new skylight installations. Don’t hesitate to call us at 301-788-3061 and ask us about our high quality pvc curb mounted skylight installations. Deck mounted skylights are acceptable but inferior to curb mounts in that manipulation or removal of the skylight requires an impact to the surrounding shingles. Curb mounted skylights, properly installed, forever separate the skylight from the shingles/ roofing surrounding them, enabling the roof and the skylight to be worked on separately. This is valuable where roof and skylight do not fail at the same time. 

Cedar Shakes

For those of you that have a cedar shake roof system, roof repairs can be more tricky. However, finding a roofer that understands cedar shake systems and what options are available to the homeowner can be trickier. For example, some cedar shakers may just assume that you want to replace your existing cedar shakes with the same thing. For many, switching to another roofing material might be more attractive an option. For those who are either a) subject to a home owners’ association or b) simply like the look of a cedar shake roof, finding a roofer who is experienced in the removal and replacement of cedar shakes is essential. Cedar shake roofing systems have a unique set of principles for application and rely on different variables for the prevention of leaks. Don’t trust your cedar shake roofing project to just anyone. Please visit ourcedar shake page and seriously consider giving us a call to handle your cedar shake repair and or replacement needs.

Want To Check My MHIC License Status?

You can check on my status as a licensed contractor by going to the license number entry page of the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and typing my license number, 85927, into the box. This is the Maryland Home Improvement Commission website which licenses contractors and keeps a current file on the status of all contractors. Please note the “odd” language on the commissions’ website. They use a double negative which translated means, “If you find a contractor listed here, they are currently licensed.”

When it comes to roofing, it’s function over form, with attention to form.

Stefan Mach

Owner/Operator, Frederick Roof Repair