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What To Expect From Frederick Roof Repair

Frederick Roof Repair, located in Frederick, MD,  is a full service asphalt shingle roofing business dedicated to providing customers with quality roof repairs and roof replacements. Whatever your asphalt shingle roofing need, contacting us is a sure way to become well informed about what your roof requires and thoroughly pleased with a level of personalized service rarely found in the roofing industry. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for the quickest response to your roofing needs. The next paragraph in the accordion explains why the form has become such a great tool for getting in touch with me.

The Benefit of Filling Out the Form


Well it seems the phone has been all but ruined. Using myself as an example, I get up to 15 and no fewer than 5 phone calls a day that have nothing to do with roofing. The list of scams is apparently never ending, and now many of them even want to leave voicemails. The result is that the legitimate requests for help get buried in voicemail, and business owners are letting the phone go to voicemail because so much of the time, answering the phone means dealing with a scammer.

The solution is simple: At the bottom of the page is a form. Should you choose to fill it out, here is what will happen on my end.

  1. I will get a text message saying a form was filled out ( the form has a hidden field that robots fill out but people do not. If that field is filled out, the form submission will not be delivered. That way I do not get false submissions).
  2. A lead will by added to my system for keeping track of potential customers, so I cannot miss it. Once in this system, our entire exchange history is tracked.
  3. Additionally, an email will be sent to my inbox with the information you filled out, so I cannot miss it.
  4. Your information will be auto-magically added as a contact to my phone thru the use of a third party tool called Zapier. I don’t even need to copy and paste your data over, and I don’t have typos in my contacts, because maybe I heard you wrong, etc. Of course, this means that if you fill out the form, and then wait 1/2 hour and call, your name will appear on the phone, and not just a number. This too helps me to discern between real customers and scams.

The system is pretty sweet. It accomplishes a lot, and places you front and center to be contacted back. I hope you do not view this as an inconvenience, but as a real attempt on my part to make sure your need does not get lost in the shuffle. I run a roofing company because I want to be a roofer, not because I want to talk to fake Google, etc. Last point. I am on the roof much of the time. Yes, I know it is crazy, but I, the owner, still roof. This can make it difficult to answer the phone, and makes dealing with scammers even less desirable.

My promise to you is that if you fill out the form, I will call you back, as quickly as possible.

Roof Replacement Articles

If you have the time and are looking for a complete roof replacement, please go to the roof replacement tab above. We hope our articles will help you to make an informed choice about who to choose for your roof repair or roof replacement project.

Need Emergency Service?

If you are simply in need of a repair, please call 301-788-3061 or go to our contacts page tab above and fill out our contact form. 

Weather and its effects on Roofing

If you are concerned about the weather and the impact it may or may not have on your roofing project, please read,”Can Roofing Be Done in the Winter?” for a thorough examination of this important question. 


If you are in need of skylight repair or replacement, please take the time to view our skylights page which will show you an example of skylights being repaired. We also do new skylight installations. Don’t hesitate to call us at 301-788-3061 and ask us about our high quality pvc curb mounted skylight installations. Deck mounted skylights are acceptable but inferior to curb mounts in that manipulation or removal of the skylight requires an impact to the surrounding shingles. Curb mounted skylights, properly installed, forever separate the skylight from the shingles/ roofing surrounding them, enabling the roof and the skylight to be worked on separately. This is valuable where roof and skylight do not fail at the same time. 

Want To Check My MHIC License Status?

You can check on my status as a licensed contractor by going to the license number entry page of the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and typing my license number, 85927, into the box. This is the Maryland Home Improvement Commission website which licenses contractors and keeps a current file on the status of all contractors. Please note the “odd” language on the commissions’ website. They use a double negative which translated means, “If you find a contractor listed here, they are currently licensed.”

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When it comes to roofing, it’s function over form, with attention to form.

Stefan Mach

Owner/Operator, Frederick Roof Repair