Frederick Roof Repair

Serving Frederick and Montgomery County, MD
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Frederick Roof Repair and Frederick Roofing are both owned by Stefan Mach. I bought both names so as to prevent confusion and also to play the google game, if you know what I mean. More and more, people turn to the internet and type “where they are” and “what they need”. Anyway, I graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Environmental Analysis and Planning in 1993. I have been roofing since I got out of high school in 1987. I roofed during the summer months when in college and continuously since about 1997. During the four missing years, I did a number of other things, including surveying and soil analysis work. I enjoy roofing, being outdoors, up high where you can see around you. I may be white collar by training, but I am blue collar by choice.

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