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Roof Repair Done The Right Way

Is There A Wrong Way?

Roofing might not be the most complex job in the world, but it is a skilled trade. Understanding the flow of water, the path of least resistance, is something acquired over many years. It is an incorrect assumption, often made, that if someone can install something, in this case a roof, right the first time, that they can then fix it just as well as anybody. While it is true that some repairs are very straight forward, it is just as often the case that the repair is more complex. Chasing water takes skill. The wrong way to fix a roof is to simply attempt to return it to what the repairman thinks it  looked like prior to its leaking. Again, whereas it is true that some repairs are very basic, it is also true that some leaking is the result of installation problems that take time to manifest as leaks. Knowing not what it looked like, but what it should have looked like, is a valid distinction. Often, a repair can be done with the result being that the roof is better than it was on day one, because the one doing the repair is an actual roofer with a lot of time on the roof figuring out why things have gone wrong and learning the best way to fix them. A roof is best thought of as a semi-complex system of parts that properly related results in a leak free roof above your head. A roof should also be appreciated as an environmentally volatile situation that is liable to break and need repair. Just because your roof is leaking does not mean that anything was in fact done wrong. I once asked a paint manufacturer the warranty spec for a can of roof paint. The answer was laughter. “Warranty? What warranty?” The company would not put a warranty on their product because the roof is a place that breaks. It is just that simple. Here is my summary advice. Hire someone to fix your roof that sounds like they know what they are talking about. If the entirety of the communication with you is “I’ll look at it”, “I looked at it”, “The price to fix it is …”, then how have you any confidence that a repair will be done correctly? On the other hand, if you call someone who over the phone asks lots of questions, and with clarity of thought and speech determines the cause of your roof leak while on the phone, don’t mistake this for lack of attention or unwillingness to travel. Rather recognize the confidence that can only come from years of experience. A roof is also a finite system. I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen most of what can go wrong with a roof. Time can be often be saved by having an intentional 5-10 minute phone conversation to get to the bottom of your roof’s problem. If you have read this far, than you are paying attention. My recommendation is that you fill out the form so I can call you back and we can discuss what is going on with your roof.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mach


  • review rating 5  Stephan came out within one day of me calling. Gave me a quote for repair and replacement. Both were excellent. I did get a couple of other quotes . Felt more comfortable with Stephan and went with full roof replacement. Gave me a date which had to be changed because of a snow storm . Gave a new date within a few days of original. Crew showed up as planned. Were extremely competent. They got a pretty big job done in one day. Protected our plsnts. They also did an immaculate clean up. Not a nail or scrap of debris to be found. If you are looking for a new roof make sure to call Frederick Roof Repair. They really did a great job.

    thumb Joseph DiMarino
  • review rating 5  Honest company! I called them about a roofing issue and the owner provided me with honest advice! I have a metal roof, not his specialty, yet he took the time to help me with my roofing issue! So wonderful that businesses with integrity still exist!

    thumb Catherine Nadals
  • review rating 5  Excellent service. Honest company. Stefan was very knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend using this company.

    thumb Sandra Lenga
  • review rating 5  Just had my roof repaired and Stefan was great to work with. From the initial phone conversation diagnosing my roof to the day of the repair, Stefan was very knowledgeable and transparent throughout the process. We found a few more things wrong with the roof than initially expected. However, Stefan was dedicated to fixing the issues and kept his initial repair quote. He definitely earned my recommendation and I will be in touch when our whole roof needs to be replaced. Great work!

    thumb Alex John
  • review rating 5  THE BEST ROOFING COMPANY OUT THERE -- FIVE IS NOT ENOUGH STARS!! My elderly parents had to have their ENTIRE roof replaced thanks to the shoddy work/rip-off of a neighborhood handyman. I obtained several estimates to have the roof replaced. Frederick Roof Repair not only gave them a reasonable price but their extensive knowledge of their craft, great customer service and the care and concern they had for my parents' plight was beyond measure. Stefan was a pleasant man to work with and my parents were more than pleased with his demeanor and workmanship. All the craftsman that were involved in the project were professional and did a fantastic job from the beginning to the end. They did an exceptional clean-up job when done. They left no traces of even being on the property other than the new roof and gutters with downspouts. My parents are extremely pleased with the finished project and cannot seem to say enough good things about Stefan. And I agree with them wholeheartedly. If you want the BEST, forget the rest and call Frederick Roofing Repair. It's just that simple!!!

    thumb Cheryl Cochran
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